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Exclusive Collection of Bar tops In Montreal with Factory Direct Pricing

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Bartops are in most demand here in Montreal. We offer choices for our customers to design their bartops according to their will. Redesign your bartops with ravishing material that is long-lasting and durable with an abundance of variety is available here at a cost-effective price. We offer a great collection of bartops that can prove highly sustainable and persistent in functioning with heat resistance and water spills by maintaining its texture and beauty. Fixing up the bartops countertops can create the elegance and classical touch to your area.

Bartops Services

  • Granite Bartops
  • Quartz Bartops
  • Marble Bartops
We have an exclusive variety of granite bartops that is counted in great demand of today’s era. Granite bartops throw the stunning display to the viewers with an appealing look. Granite bartops add value to your house with its sleek design and magnificent look. The granite porous surface will not let the bacteria let in so it needs to be sealed after one or two years for maintenance. The granite bartops will be the ideal solution and also long term investment in big profits.

Add value to your home

Once it get installed it will get boost up the resale value of your place.


Igneous rock is very durable than other stones.

Stain resistance

Highly stand out against oil, wine, water wiped easily.
The highly firm and hard refined and produced with 96% of crush quartz and resins making out the smooth surface in a variety of hues and textures. This is an engineered stone of older time so it does not need to be sealed hence it is nonporous nature. So enjoy the highly classical design of Quartz Bar Tops and design your area with an elegant look.


Perfect choice for bartops in term of durability with ravishing look.

Bacterial free

Non porous surface don’t let bacteria in.


Endless variety with high-end combination options
Marble is enough for your bartops since it is highly durable, hard, and cutting edge beauty and spark. The marble will make your place transforming into a spectacular Montreal, people prefer marble bartops due to its strength and classy outlook. We recommend our client install marbles in an affordable budget giving you luxury visualization.


Stays longer with highly endurance and longevity performance.


Bill under your budget.

Heat resistance

It come up with heat resistance feature thus make out the fantastic choice for bartops.

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