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Are you planning for remodeling your house interiors and looking for the best material that can stay longer and also enhance the beauty and elegance of that place? You have come to the right place.Quartz4less providing you the high-quality fireplace countertops in Montreal that will surely stay longer with a bundle on benefits. For years we’re in the business of countertops and stand out due to our top-notch quality products and client’s satisfaction. We allow people to redesign their homes in their way without any hesitation we assist you at any step of renovation with expert advice. Our skilled team will handle your project from start to need so you don’t have to worry at all about the procedure. We have a vast range of variety in distinctive styles and designs. The exclusive variety with textures, materials will be complementing for your living area.

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  • Granite Fireplace
  • Quartz Fireplace
  • Marble Fireplace
In Montreal, people are very particular in terms of designing or renovating their house. So in this case. They prefer the luxury touch to their house that can enhance the beauty of that area. The fireplace is the most attractive corner of the house that should be embellished with the durable yet stunning material. So the granite fireplace is a great choice with a bundle of benefits. The granite ensures longevity, durability; endurance also the toughest rock will never let you feel any regret after installing it to your fireplace. This is a source of contentment for your new house.

New design

We provide latest designs of granite for ravishing fireplace.


Igneous rock contains quartz and feldspar makes out tough porous surface with eye catching look.

Heat resistance

Perfect material for fireplace due to heat resistance feature
If you need the highly aesthetic combination of your walls, floors, and fireplace then go with quartz material. The hardest rock and engineered stone available in a variety of colors and styles. A mixture of 96% crushed quartz crystals making out the glamorous smooth surface and giving away the sleek design to the viewers. Indeed, your fireplace will be appealing in a look by installing highly durable quartz that can be matched with the walls and floors too.

Non porous

Highly non porous with sleek design

Stain resistance

Oil, wine, juice and water resistance with no stain.


Don’t let bacterial comes in. Highly hygienic material for eating place.
Montreal is the place of highly tasteful people in terms of renovation to dress up. They prefer the enchanting and luxury material while renovating their house place. The fireplace is the focused part of the house and attraction for all visitors so it is well managed and fabricated. Better to go with marble installation on the fireplace that looks stunning due to its smooth surface make out the majestic combination with walls and floors too. Sturdiness, durability, and variety are all in one piece.


Unbeatable durability and long lasting features.


Requires low maintenance due to porous surface.

Soften nature

Soften in nature than quartz and granite.

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